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Special Destination Detachment "Alpha"

The birth document of Special Destination Detachment "Alpha"of the Security and Intelligence Service of the Republic of Moldovais recorded on 4 June 1992, when developments in the 1990s dictated the need to establishment, for the first time in the history of the sovereign state - the Republic of Moldova, a subunit aimed at combating terrorist, extremist and other kind of actions presenting a danger to national security.


A brief review shows that at that time our country was involved in a military conflict regulation, the subunit being mandated: to apprehend in act the foreign residents who fulfil spy activity in Moldova; to cease delinquent activities of armed persons and organized criminal groups; to release captured hostages (offices / residences / locations, buses, railroad wagons, aircrafts); to participate in measures and actions ensuring the security of state officials and public from other countries during their stay in Moldova.


Over the years, the subunit has undergone through restructuring, some new tasks and competences being drawn to it, in accordance with Regulation of the Special Destination Detachment "Alpha" of SIS. Therefore, Detachment officers are involved daily in various specific missions to ensure the safety of every citizen of the Republic of Moldova - activities that are impossible without excellent physical condition, moral integrity and psychological moments which would correspond to force-majeure situations.


The profile of a member of Detachment "Alpha"necessarily involves the systematic physical preparedness through intransigent sport and martial training. These forces base their power on speed and understanding of the dynamic environment, intelligence, ingenuity, mobility, flexibility and proper tactics, developed and implemented, being able to act promptly and effectively in any crisis situation.


Although the history pathway of the Special Destination Detachment "Alpha" of SIS is 20 years, the exchange of experience accomplished in joint applications with other bodies specialized in combating terrorism, as well as participation in various regional camps, offer the opportunity to acquire the necessary information for improvement of professional skill.


Currently, the personnel of the Detachment fully exercises their duties in special missions, most of which with high risk for life. Dedication, courage and professionalism of every intelligence officer, as well as acceptance of being an invisible hero arejust some of benchmarks of the standard biography of an elite anti-terrorist officer of the Special Destination Detachment "Alpha".


Basic duties and responsibilities of the Special Destination Detachment "Alpha" are:


- combating terrorism in Moldova; locating and preventing acts of terrorism against its citizens abroad;


- ceasing illegal activities of armed people and organized criminal groups; releasing captured hostages;


- detection, discovery and defusing explosive devices used by criminal elements to commit acts of terrorism;


- participation in measures to establish and maintain the constitutional regime during emergencies and war; preserving the security of life of the RM President; in accordance with the indications of the RM President, participation in preserving life safety of officials in senior state positions during this period;


- participation in measures ensuring the security of state officials and foreign civilian activists during their stay in the Moldova;


- apprehension of highly dangerous wanted criminals;


- escorting valuable cargo that has state significance.