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SIS personal

The Service's personnel is comprised of contract-based security and intelligence officers and civilian employees. Depending on their functions, security and intelligence officers are scripting or cryptic staff.


Legal status, the way of fulfilling the special contract service, disciplinary regime, interdictions and liability of the security and intelligence officer are regulated by Law no. 170-XVI of 19 July 2007 concerning the status of security and intelligence officer.


If you also intend to enrol among security and intelligence officers, send us your CV to the email .


Deontological fundamentals


In activity, security and intelligence officer must exercise profession with patriotism, devotion to national interests and values ​​of the Republic of Moldova, under full respect for fundamental human rights and freedoms; to show professionalism, responsibility and good faith; to improve professional training, efficiency and quality of his/her activity;


In his/her work, the intelligence and security officer must act in accordance with legislation in force; adopt a behaviour that will not affect the interests and image of the Service; contribute to the achievement of legitimate objectives of SIS;


In career, security and intelligence officer is obliged to accept partial or complete restrictions of some civic rights and freedoms; to maintain strict confidentiality about the activity of the Security and Intelligence Service and his/her status as an employee of the Service.