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Moldova's European aspirations determined the profound changes of the institutional model with generic name SIS REFORM, which aims as absolute priority to align to established standards of intelligence services, which requires a professional dialogue that is continuous, coherent, credible and result-oriented.


Our preoccupation is to ensure the Republic of Moldova has a strong and effective intelligence structure.


SIS reform will mean:rebuilding the entire structure. The concrete results of this recently started process will begin to be visible in 4-5 years.


From now on we must succeed:


  • to focus on priority activities defined based on the SIS Reform Strategy;
  • to reorient rapidly toward the problem, areas or areas of interest, under the immediate or perspective priorities;
  • in strong renewal of the control segment, with leaders who are legitimate and legitimated through experience and professional credibility, known and acknowledged by the system, with a quantified career and promoted based on transparent criteria.


These achievements are possible when meeting a number of conditions, and one that takes precedence is about the existence of political will.


Reformation is focused on enhancing the intellectual and operational capability of SIS, in order to grasp and act in a national, regional and international security environment that is highly dynamic.


The main indicators oriented towards strengthening intellectual and acting power of SIS:


  • comprehensive and multidimensional approach to national security;
  • increasing analytical accuracy;
  • quick response and capabilities corresponding to crisis situations;
  • efficient institutional management that would enhance the quality of intelligence work.


Current goal: maintaining SIS as a flexible service, permanently tailored to internal and external context in which it operates, with active-proactive attitude.


Goals for the future: implementation of reform in the field of human resources reform, of missions and objectives of the Service.