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Protection of state secret

Protection of State Secret represents a set of legal and organizational measures, which form an integral part of the national system of state secret protection concerning methods and means used upon protection of information and material information carriers referred to state secret, as well as actions undertaken in this field including the following:

1) classification and declassification of information;

2) requests submitted to public authorities, other legal entities and their personnel regarding protection of state secret;

3) procedure of access to state secret;

4) drafting, recording, storing, processing, multiplication, use, transmission, destruction of information referred to state secret;

5) protection of state secret by means of legal and procedural actions, physical protection measures, protection of information systems, telecommunications and personnel;

6) exertion of control over measures on state secret protection.

Protection of State Secret and exercise of control over ensuring preservation and prevention of disclosure of information referred to state secret and other important information for the state is one of the basic tasks in the activity of the Security and Intelligence Service of the Republic of Moldova, specified in Law No. 753 as of 23.12.1999 on the Security and Intelligence Service of the Republic Moldova, Law No. 245 as of 27 November 2008 on State Secret and Law No. 59 as of 29.03.2012 on Special Investigation Activity.

The evolution of the main risks and threats referring to the disclosure of information protected by state in the areas such as national defence, economy, science and technology, foreign relations policy, state security, legal order insurance and activity of public authorities, which unauthorized disclosure or loss could cause prejudice to the interests and / or security of the Republic of Moldova, demand the enhancement of the role of the Security and Intelligence Service as the generator of security in organizing the national system of state secret protection.

The Service has a key role in preventing, minimizing and annihilating insecurity processes in the field of state secret protection timely identification of threats and risks, assessment of challenges and strategic opportunities through applying efficient technical means and providing the competent authorities with necessary information for adopting appropriate decisions.