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Protection of constitutional order

Protecting the constitutional order is strategic task of the Service, by supporting the fundamental values ​​of the state and ensuring intangibility of constitutional rights and freedoms of RM citizens.


On this layer a set of intelligence and counterintelligence operational measures is developed and systemically implemented, channelled towards detection, prevention and counteracting extremist-terrorist phenomena, which are based on ethnic, religious and other reasons, directed at preparing or committing some crimes directed atundermining the security of the Republic of Moldova, by attacking thefoundations of the constitutional order, legally elected public authorities.


The specialised SIS subunit is involved in surveillance of processes focused on observance, protection of constitutional rights and freedoms of RM citizens - from the perspective of timely prevention of the premises that may cause social explosions, expressed through ethnic or religious conflicts, likely to degenerate into mass disorder.


The Service shall focus on processes that threaten the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Moldova, expressed in autonomist-separatist tendencies.


Finality of undergoing operational process is materialized in analytical products delivered to legal beneficiaries (Presidency, Parliament, Government), which serve as support in decision-making regarding the prevention and countering threats to state security.