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Mission, Vision and Values

MISSION: Efficient protection of fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens, society and state against risks and threats to state security, promotion of democratic values ​​and national interests of the Republic of Moldova.



  • Gathering information relevant to national security of the Republic of Moldova, which provides basis for decision to state authorities;
  • Anticipative warning on the risks, threats and challengesfor security, sovereignty, independence and integrity of the country;
  • Conducting strategic assessments of national, regional and international environment of security.


VISION: A flexible and reliable Service, which performs efficiently and transparently the function of ensuring the state security, with a strong position among the institutions of national security sector and at the top of intelligence services from regional-European community.



  • Promotion of the highest standards of ethics, honesty and fairness with beneficiary institutions (Presidency, Parliament, Government, as well as other central administrative authorities.);
  • Professional excellence- by reaching the highest standards of operational-intelligence quality based on analysis / synthesis / forecast.
  • Loyalty versus Patriotism- equidistantly connected and adjusted to the principle"Everything we do is for the Republic of Moldova".


VALUES:      Intelligence