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Congratulatory message of the SIS Director on the occasion of the XXIIIrd Anniversary since the creation of state security bodies

Madams, Messieurs Officers and civil Employees of the Security and Intelligence Service! 

Esteemed Veterans of the state security bodies!


According to tradition, I personally congratulate you and Your family members on the occasion of the XXIIIrd Anniversary since the creation of the state security bodies, wishing you much health, equanimity, tenacity and consistency in Your Career. Festive context gives us an important moment of reflection upon present and, simultaneously, marking of the reforming vector in the development of the Security and Intelligence Service of the Republic of Moldova.


Looking at things underthis angle, we note that over 23 years, the Security and Intelligence Service has strengthened and matured professionally, affirming itself rightly as efficient protector of fundamental rights and freedoms of the citizen, society and state against risks and threats to national security. Accordingly, the SIS has become a credible partner within the national, regional and European security framework. Our deeds often remain unknown but the role of Intelligence Officer determines in reality the consolidation process of the State Republic of Moldova.


The set of circumstances, accompanying the anniversary event of September 9th, offers me the salutary opportunity to express appreciation for the way you perform the assigned missions. You are worthy of recognition - in everything you do, every day: in subunits, on the training grounds, in annihilation actions of intentions to destabilize the social and political situation in the country or in documentation operations of subversive actions, in activities of preventing and combating extremism, terrorism, separatism.


Dear Colleagues!


The Security and Intelligence Service is the backbone of the Republic of Moldova and, by definition, is called to make History and then protect it. At this stage, this reasoning lies in the aspirations of joining the European Union that, indeed, define the coordinates of a national project, a project that continues irreversibly: integration of our country into a collective security system to ensure safety to its citizens. 


Further on, the national intelligence Institution will act to identify, warn and stop new types of phenomena, with potential risk which disregard the geographical limits and, therefore, have become through dimension and impact major challenges of the national security: transnational organized crime, harming the national economy and defence potential of the country. 


Concretely, WE – the employees of the Security and Intelligence Service – tend to reach a good level of security for our citizens as well as a degree of protection of the economic, geopolitical and intellectual potential of Moldova.



Ambassador Mihai BALAN,               

Director of the Security and Intelligence Service

of the Republic of Moldova                  

Chişinău, 9 September 2014