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International Cooperation

Security of the Republic of Moldova is a component part of global security. Emergence of asymmetric threats in the era of contemporary globalization entails building sustainable partnerships within the complex system of intelligence community in order to reduce the risks that threaten national and regional security.


Preventing and combating security threats to Moldova is an approach where the Security and Intelligence Service cooperates with special services and partner structures at regional and international levels. After 1991, once the institution was founded, the evolution of SIS cooperation relations witnessed positive dynamics,taking various forms: exchange of information and expertise, participation at specialized events and accomplishment of joint operations with foreign partners.


In the context of Moldova's integration into EU structures, the Service imperatively intends to join regional intelligence platforms, establish and promote bilateral and multilateral relations with line institutions at international arena. The goal pursued in this interaction is oriented towards fundamental national security interests and active involvement of SIS in creating an adequate climate for regional and European security, aiming at the promotion of Moldova's image not only as security consumers but also as a generator of it.