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Foreign intelligence activities

Foreign intelligence activities performed by SIS aims to carry out systemic measures directed towards: collection, analysis, processing and evaluation of information relevant to national security, aiming at identifying and preventing the activities, individual and/or group, that may jeopardize the independence, integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Moldova; undermine the state authorities, as well as threaten the state's economic fundamentals.


External informational data aggregation is necessary for taking decisions that are relevant and effective in terms of achieving national security interests of the Republic of Moldova.


Also, measures are carried out to collect, analyse, process and evaluate of political, economic, scientific/technological information related to the foreign countries and organizations, political and economic alliances, groups and individuals, particularly those showing intentions, potential, hidden plans or clandestine activities against national security.


It is noteworthy that all actions of foreign intelligence activity is not of offense nature, and their intention is exclusively peaceful.