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Students of the National Institute of Intelligence and Security Took the Oath of Allegiance to Motherland

A new class of intelligence officers took the Oath of Allegiance to Motherland. The event took place today, 12 September, in front of the SIS leaders, professors of the National Institute of Intelligence and Security "Bogdan, the Founder of Moldova", and family members of the young officers.

Alexandr ESAULENCO, the SIS Director, congratulated students and welcomed them to the profession. He expressed his confidence that young officers will prove they are as upright and devoted as they committed in their Oath. In addition, he wished them to be able to choose values that would guide them through their work and would help in accomplishing any mission, regardless of its complexity and difficulties.

“No effort is too great to improve your professional training. I am sure you will be a dynamic and well-trained class, willing to take responsibility. However that will become reality only through continuous learning, desire to go beyond yourselves and adaptation. National security is an evolving area that requires prompt reaction to threats and real risks”, mentioned the SIS Director.

At the event, Alexandr ESAULENCO congratulated professors with a new academic year and asked them to focus on reviewing and adapting certain aspects of the institutional policy to ensure quality education and training of the human resources, in accordance with the major changes in the concept of national security. “Only with your help and involvement, these young officers, who come from different areas of activity or have just graduated universities, will be able to become real professionals – officers with a point of view, skills of anticipation and great moral strength”, declared Mr. ESAULENCO.

Students’ relatives also congratulated, encouraged and wished them success in their studies, great achievements and an ever-ascending career.