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Security and Intelligence Service – 28 Years Protecting the Citizens, Society and State

Security and Intelligence Service marks today, 9 September, the Day of State Security Workers and the 28th anniversary from the creation of the Moldovan special service. Igor DODON, President of the Republic of Moldova and Supreme Commander of Armed Forces, Maia SANDU, Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova, leaders of institutions that report to the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, Cabinet members, former leaders of the SIS, and other guests of honor attended the event. 

Igor DODON, President of the Republic of Moldova, congratulated intelligence officers and stated the following: “Over 28 years, Security and Intelligence Service demonstrated that it is a basic pillar in the national security system and it has always proved its importance in safeguarding democratic values. National security protection is a continuous and complex process that requires accordance with the time imperative.” In this context, Mr. DODON assured SIS employees of full and unconditional support from the presidential institution.

Prime Minister Maia SANDU asserted that Security and Intelligence Service must become an independent institution that has a sole purpose of protecting the society and state against risks and threats to national security, promoting democratic values and national interests of the Republic of Moldova. “In a few years, I wish you are proud of being part of the Service and people are talking with admiration and respect about you. With joint efforts, patience and sacrifice, we can achieve that. I am sure we can count on your professionalism, integrity and devotion”, said Ms. Prime Minister.

In his speech, Alexandr ESAULENCO, Director of the Security and Intelligence Service, made a retrospective of the events, which marked and contributed to the evolution of the intelligence service, becoming today an institution that is able to manage a variety of security risks.

Mr. ESAULENCO talked about increasing cooperation relationships and information exchange both with national partners and foreign intelligence services. Also, the SIS Director mentioned openness to a pragmatic dialogue and peer support in accomplishing the fundamental mission of ensuring national security and informing state decision-makers about strategic interests of the Republic of Moldova.

Moreover, the SIS Director pointed out certain institutional changes in progress, which aim to improve and guarantee an appropriate functional framework, so the SIS has the capability to honour its commitments to the state, citizen, and society. “Social and economic security risks, extremist tendencies, terrorism and many other threats forces us to ensure a high level of adaptability and prompt reaction. Our profession requires us to be flexible to changes in the security environment, to develop continuously our skills, and to develop new approaches and attitudes in all fields of activity. I will make every endeavor to make this institution a strong one in every aspect, both intellectually and in terms of the operational capacity”, declared Mr. Alexandr ESAULENCO.

In his speech, the SIS Director thanked intelligence officers and former SIS employees for their professionalism, dedication, institutional values and tradition keeping, as well as protecting national interests. At the same time, Mr. ESAULENCO expressed gratitude to veterans, reservists and combatants for their sacrifice, patriotism, and capacity to face the most difficult tasks so the Republic of Moldova can live its present and can build independently its future.

During the festivity, several officers have been awarded state and departmental decorations, in appreciation for their remarkable achievements.

This morning, Alexandr ESAULENCO and members of the SIS Board paid tribute to state security heroes and laid flowers at the monument from the institution’s square, dedicated to them.