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Ensuring informational security

Cyberspace gets to be a comfortable platformfor preparing and conducting computer crimes, cyber terrorism and other malicious actions designed to affect, directly or indirectly, the national security. Thus, the penetration of informational systems or electronic communication of public authorities and other institutions and public or private companies, which are dealing with sensitive information, may compromise the confidentiality, integrity or availability of this information, and therefore may cause financial or other damage, including the damage to state security. Also, penetration of informational systems afferent to critical infrastructure of the Republic of Moldova may result in unauthorized control over these systems, and therefore,in affecting the economic, social, political, informational, military and other kind of processes.


However, the global nature of informational systems and electronic communication networks, as well as transnational nature of cybercrime requires close coordination among all responsible institutions at both national and global level.


In this context, one ofthe primary missions is to prevent and combat aggressions in virtual environment, internal or external, targeting electronic communication systems of national importance. This mission is carried out in accordance with the legislation in force through the following operational processes:

  • developing proposals on ensuring informational security, developing and promoting of state policy and exercising control in ensuring the protection of state secret information in cyberspace;
  • creating, ensuring the operation and security of governmental electronic communication systems, developing strategy and implementing national policy in the field of administration and ensuring the operation and security of special electronic communication systems;
  • providing the state leadership, ministries, departments and other public authorities, including abroad, according to the Nomenclature prepared by the Government, with governmental communication, that is coded, secret and other types of telecommunications, organizing and ensuring their safe of operation;
  • tracking radio emissions of radio-electronic transmitters the activity of which endangers the state security.