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Ensuring economic security

Economic security is a component of national security and resides in a state of economy, expressed through legality, balance and development. The Service identifies vulnerabilities and causes that canundermine or / and affect the economic security of the state; intervenes by informing the line authorities, depending on the case, situation or threat, in order to betaken preventive or counteracting measures. The information is mainly used by institutions with decision-making power in the country, through administrative, legislative, penal and administrative, economic, political and social measures.


Activities shall be conducted to obtain useful and necessary information to secure the country's basic economic attributes, such as economic and financial sovereignty, as well as protection and promotion of national economic interests in the country and abroad. To this end, by means of investigations and special measures, preventive factors are identified within the country and abroad, which appear to have targets and effects of a destructive nature.


The main segments of monitored and protected economic security are the energy security, financial, banking and non-banking security, the security of strategic branches of the national economy and companies of vital importance, including by prevention of emergency situations.


At the same time, activities to prevent and combat cross-border crime and the financing of extremist-terrorist movements shall be carried out. Manifestations of corruption can also may be subject to investigation if they directly or indirectlyaffectthe national security.