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Electronic signature

         The success of building an information society, e-government implementation, business development in line with modern requirements is impossible without implementation of electronic signature institute in any country. History of electronic signature in the Republic of Moldova is short but valuable and successful given the complexity and innovation of the objectives.

      Electronic signature is data in electronic form which are attached to or logically associated with other electronic data and which serve as the method of authentication.

       In 2014 Moldovan Parliament adopted the Law no. 91 of 29.05.2014 on electronic signature and electronic document, which expressly states that the Security and Intelligence Service of the Republic of Moldova is the responsible organ for the development and promotion of the state policy and is exercising control in the application of all types of electronic signatures.

         The main objectives of the SIS in the field of the electronic signatures are:

  1. develops state policy.

  2. the accreditation of providers of certification service and ensure keeping, updating and offering public acces to the data from the Register of certification service providers.

  3. monitoring and supervision of compliance with the provisions in certification services in the application of all types of electronic signatures.

  4. approving signature-creation and/or signature-verification devices of electronic signature and electronic signature associated products.

  5. being the top-level certification service for the accredited certification service providers in the application of advanced qualified electronic signatures.