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Press statement

In order to circumvent negative effects of biased speculations circulated by some domestic media, which damage the image of the Security and Intelligence Service of the Republic of Moldova, we come up with following clarifications.


Information appeared in the media recently saying that SIS officers knew about the incident in the Natural Reserve "Padurea Domneasca" ("Royal Forest") right from the first days after it happened - is totally unfounded and, therefore, it does not correspond to reality. In particular, we reiterate that Service indeed on 6 January 2013 got the information about the incident concerned. At the same time, the Border Police Sector "Calinesti", deployed in the neighbourhood of the reserve, indeed was visited by two SIS officers, but only on 6 January 2013, at 16:30.Their presence was not an accident, since it was coordinated and ordered by the leadership of the Security and Intelligence Service.


Please note that on the morning of Wednesday, January 30, a joint group consisting of security and intelligence officers from the central office, including the territorial directorate of SIS in Balti, paid an ad hoc visit to Falesti - in order to be additionally heard by the Investigation Committee of the Parliament. A key objective of this action, made on SIS own initiative, was to disavow instantly the assumptions based on confessions intensively aired in public.


We emphasize that the purpose of frenzied attacks against the Security and Intelligence Service of the Republic of Moldova, is to prevent the reform in this state institution - the reform that finally aims at a modern Intelligence Service corresponding to European values ​​and values of developed democracies. At the same time, we urge the entire society to realize the need that only through deep reform, which at present the Institution is going through - SIS will truly serve the country and people.


Regarding the evoked context, the Security and Intelligence Service deplores the ascending attempts to involve the institution in certain current that are of political kind, considering that it only contribute to misinformation of people by introducing into the current public agenda some false topics with political substrate. At the same time, SIS firmly rejects accusations of involvement in any actions that would affect the norms and principles of democracy, the rule of law in Moldova, reaffirming its determination to preserve the activity within attested professionalism, impartiality and institutional fairness.


We mention that SIS further acts consistently to fulfil its legal duties in achieving the national security interests, reiterating its full availability to provide required informational support to competent authorities in strict compliance with legal norms.


January 31, 2013