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Communication and Public Relations

Proceeding from the desire to enhance the trust capital from society, promoting the image of the Service nationally and internationally, building a culture of security, enhancing the awareness of the purpose and essence of intelligence service - there are commitments fully assumed and observed at the institutional level.


Permanent increase of society's expectations towards the Security and Intelligence Service determines resizing the component public communication and information by expanding and enhancing dialogue programs in order to know and understand the institution's agenda on informational layer.


Information policy in the sphere of ensuring the state security is accomplished by the Spokesman of SIS Director, the communication officers and public relations officers of the institution, whose mission is to increase the accountability of the institution to the society.


Communicators perform their activity on the dimension of promoting and strengthening partnership relations with civil society, mass media, community of experts, unconditionally guaranteeing the fundamental human rights and freedoms and ensuring the interests of the society, in general, and of the Service in particular.


Fulfilment of communication activities and public relations in various fields of social life has to be provided by mutual respect, integrity, transparency, correctness and cooperation, promoting and implementing the standards of security culture in the spirit of the knowledge about risks and threats to the security of the Republic of Moldova, in order to build a free and democratic society.

SIS Communicators:

 / 373 22/239410
                                                                                                 / 373 22/232790