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Commission for Attestation of SIS officers

Procedure for attestation of the security and intelligence officers is organized and carried out by the Attestation Commission from within the Information and Security Service.


Pursuing the major goal - forming a distinct body of intelligence officers in an elite team - special methods are applied in compliance with the primary objective that is to accomplish the assessment of the results of service's activity, literacy assessment in the area of activity, assessment of skills and professional capabilities in relation to the exercised position.


Regularly at a certain time, including if necessary, in accordance with departmental documents of the institution, the SIS personnel is subject to a test on:

  • professional and moral qualities, adequacy with the exercised position;
  • ensuring the promotion in positions and granting qualification categories;
  • training the personnel in reserve in terms of integrity to be appointed to the vacant position and /or promoted;
  • identification of training needs, fostering professional development process, improvement of the performance quality of functional duties, increasing the responsibilities in activity and education of the intelligence officer in the spirit of patriotism;
  • motivating the intelligence officer, including by labour remuneration consistent with the results obtained in the activity.