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Combating terrorism

A distinct field of activity is the implementation of national policies of antiterrorist protection, operative investigation and coordination of activities to combat this phenomenon. As an institution with consolidated anticipative capacity and response capabilities, the Service's basic task is to prevent and combat terrorism - one of the most severe threats to national and international security.


Informative component provides intelligence on developments bearing risk in the context of regional aspirations of international terrorism structures and manifestations domestic radical-extremist element. Specialized subdivisions plan and perform activities to prevent and detect threats related to the preparation of terrorist acts.


Antiterrorist Centre of SIS is the body responsible for technical coordination of measures preventing and combating terrorism carried out by the competent public authorities. The basic tasksare: to assess terrorist threats to national security, to collect and analyze information on the situation and trends of expansion of the phenomenon, providing the exchange of pertinent information with authorities that perform activities for preventing and combating terrorism, including abroad.


Special Destination Detachment "Alpha" of the Security and Intelligence Service is a specialized subunit with tasks in combating terrorism within the country, as well as in locating, combating terrorism against Moldovan citizens abroad, annihilating criminal activity of organized criminal groups, releasing hostages and apprehending wanted criminals.


Events with impact that took place in different countries made it necessary to reorganize the subunit in order to correlate the activity with new factors with risk for the security of the Republic of Moldova.