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SIS in action

24 February 2016

The Security and Intelligence Service jointly with the Prosecutor’s Office from Soroca detained a 27 years old inhabitant of the Soroca district, suspected in delivering, selling and illegal storing of ammunition, as...

17 February 2016

As a result of a joint operation carried out by the Security and Intelligence Service and General Prosecutor’s Office around 60 K of Mercury was discovered.

09 February 2016

The SIS, together with border authorities, thwarted the criminal plans of some individuals, currently unidentified, to transport an impressive amount of anabolic products by smuggling, predestined for the "black...

08 October 2015

The SIS jointly with the employees of the Prosecution and Botanica PI of the capital discovered a criminal grouping specialized in illegal drugs trafficking.

17 July 2015

Today, on 17 July, the SIS officers have also retained a suspect belonging to transnational terrorist network, national of North Ossetia.

16 July 2015

Two officers, employees of the Police Inspectorate of Ciocana Sector, received a bribe amounting 5000 Euros.

29 May 2015

The SIS identified and apprehended on 28 May this year at the International Airport Chisinau a terrorist originating from Odessa, Ukraine.

27 May 2015

The SIS jointly with the MIA and the OPG identified and annihilated a cell of terrorist elements, suspected for membership of the "Islamic State".

13 May 2015

The SIS has thwarted the attempt of a group of foreigners to cross the national territory having, possibly, as final destination point - Syria.

18 March 2015

Investigative actions of the SIS officers undertaken jointly with the OPG employees and MIA officers have led to apprehension red-handed of a foreign citizen.