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Risks within the process of defending constitutional order discussed at the SIS Board meeting

The Board meeting of the Security and Intelligence Service of the Republic of Moldova on the organizational and coordinating role of the Directorate-General on defending constitutional order in the process of ensuring constitutional order and countering terrorist aspirations was held on current 16 December.


Protection of constitutional order is the strategic task of the Service, directly, of the Directorate-General on defending constitutional order through consecrating fundamental values ​​of the state and intangible ensuring of constitutional rights and freedoms to the citizens of the Republic of Moldova.


The report of the Directorate-General on defending constitutional order included the spectrum of actions undertaken by intelligence officers during the years of 2014 and 2015. In the reference period, decisions have been adopted within the Directorate meant to increase the organizational and coordinating role of profile directions from the subunit. Likewise, in view of accomplishing functional tasks of the subdivision, the activity has been oriented toward deepening and diversifying of interaction with the operative directorates of the Headquarters and territorial ones.


At the Board there were tackled issues concerning coherent delimitation of counterintelligence activity sectors according to the Directorate’s area of competency including other operative realms of the Security and Intelligence Service, as well, in terms of ensuring multilateral flow of information on the main risks and threats to the constitutional order and safety.


Thus, during the period under evaluation multiple opinions and guidelines have been delivered to the territorial directorates which led to boosting the work with agents and deepening of some effective investigative explorations within alerts and special dossiers.


The Directorate has also focused its efforts upon the activation of analytical intelligence process, ample thematic notes being periodically sent to the attention of the President of the country, Chairman of the Parliament and the Prime Minister, as well as to empowered authorities in order to inform and get solved the aspects dealing with ensuring overall national security and constitutional order along with safety, in particular.


During the meeting of the SIS Board there were discussed the risks encroaching upon the country's territorial integrity and sovereignty, expressed by autonomous-separatist tendencies. The debates on the issues tackled by the members of the Service’s Board ascertain that the mechanism of organization and coordination of operative-investigative activity between the Directorate and institutional subunits is functional, being continuously adapted to new requirements for a modern intelligence service. This need fits also into the complex reforming process of the Service, the fact stipulated in the SIS Reform Strategy for the years 2014-2018 approved by the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova on 10 October 2013, in other strategic development documents, too.


However, the Board found that the activity of the Directorate-General on defending constitutional order had also comprised certain shortcomings, as indicated in the Board’s Decision, that came out with proposals for their resolution.


„17” December 2015