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Opening of state institutions towards collaboration would provide opportunities for prompt reaction in the realm of national security

The Security and Intelligence Service supports the urgent need for secondment of intelligence officers in public authorities in order to fill in certain functions in the interests of national security. This imperative was exposed on 07.12.2015 in a letter addressed to the Acting Prime Minister, Gheorghe Brega, as well as during the special session of the Parliament’s plenum of 2 December this year after ascertaining of threats and vulnerabilities in the economic, social, energy, budgetary areas, within the banking system etc.


Thus, in order to increase anticipation capacities, to obtain timely information according to the legislation in force (Law on Security and Intelligence Service of the Republic of Moldova no. 753 of 23.12.1999 and Law on the status of intelligence and security officer no. 170 of 19.07.2007), the SIS officers shall undertake in the seconded institutions a series of measures oriented toward detection, prevention and combat actions that would jeopardize state security, the public one and of the individual. Likewise, they will assist institutions’ managers in exercising control over ensuring of preservation and prevention of any leakage of information which constitute state secret and other important data to the state, preventing and countering corruption elements in institutions within their competence. 


Although similar requests have been also previously forwarded by the SIS, the heads of state bodies are opposing the initiative of the Service to detach intelligence officers or offer functions without access to information and no possibilities of reacting under the conditions when they have to intervene in the realm of national security.


In the submitted letters, the Security and Intelligence Service has requested the support of the following state authorities:  


1. National Bank of Moldova;

2. Ministry of Finance

3. Customs Service

4. Main State Tax Inspectorate

5. Ministry of Economy

6. Medicines Agency

7. National Health Insurance Company

8. National Anti-Corruption Center (integrity tests, countering money laundering and terrorism funding, according to competence)

9. General Police Inspectorate

10. Department of Border Police

11. Bureau of Migration and Asylum

12. Ministry of Transports and Roads Infrastructure

13. Agency for Interventions and Payments in Agriculture

14. National Agency for Energy Regulation

15. Academy of Sciences

16. State Enterprise „Moldtelecom”

17. JSC „Moldovagaz”


„8” December 2015