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Access to information

Filing complaints with the Security and Intelligence Service is made under the Law of the Republic of Moldova no. 190 of 19.07.1994 "On petitioning"


Petition shall be filed in writing or in electronic form in the state language or in another language in compliance with the Law on functioning of languages ​​spoken on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.


Petition in electronic form must comply with the requirements for the electronic document, including the application of digital signature, under the law.


Petitions are examined within 30 working days, and those which do not require additional consideration and examination - without delay, or within 15 working days since the date of registration, except the cases foreseen in par.(4) and (5) of Art. 8 of the above-mentioned Law.


The examination term of the petition may be extended by the head of the respective body with maximum 30 working days about which the petitioner shall be informed, if:

a) additional consultations are necessary for the preparation of the response to the petition;

b) the petition refers to a complex volume of information or additional study is required of materials to be selected and used for the preparation of the response.


Petitions containing international elements are to be examined within up to 90 working days, provided that, within 30 working days, a reply is being sent to the petitioner by which he /she is informed about the measures undertaken in view of solving his /her petition.


Petitions must be signed by the author, indicating the name, surname and address. Electronic petitions shall contain information on name, surname, domicile address and email account of the petitioner.


Petitions which do not meet the requirements specified in para. (1) of Art. 10 of the Law are considered anonymous and shall not be considered.


The outcome of examination shall be notified to the petitioner in writing or in electronic form, and with his/her consent - verbally. Petitions filed for the second time, which do not contain new arguments or information, are not reviewed and the petitioner shall be notified about this in writing or in electronic form.


Petitions (requests) requesting official information shall be examined within the timelines set out by Law no. 982-XIV of 11.05.2000 on access to information.